Administration of Vigilance in India

administration of vigilance in india

What is Vigilance ?

Vigilance comes from the word vigil which means to remain awake or watchful. Thus, vigilance means to keep watch over the state of affairs.

The purpose of vigilance is to curb the corrupt and malafide actions by way of either preventing such actions from happening or by punishing officials who have resorted to such acts.

Administration of Vigilance in India

  • On top of Vigilance Administration is the President of India who is the Head of the Union of India. He appoints Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) and Vigilance Commissioners (VC).
  • Then comes Central Vigilance Commissioner who heads the Central Vigilance Commission.
  • Then Vigilance Commissioners (not more than two). Their role is to assist Central Vigilance Commissioner
  • Then Administrative Vigilance Division in Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India. Its work is to formulate and implement policies of the Government on vigilance matters.
  • Then Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI ).
  • Then Heads of various organizations / departments working under Government of India.
  • Then Chief Vigilance Officers (CVO) who heads the vigilance divisions of their respective organizations / departments working under Government like Ministries and Departments under Government of India; Public Sector Enterprises (PSE) viz. Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) and Public Sector Banks (PSB); and Autonomous Organizations etc. CVOs are appointed by Central Vigilance Commissioner. The role of a CVO is to act as a link between Central Vigilance Commission and their respective department. They also act as an advisor on the vigilance matters to the head of the department in which they are posted.
  • Then Disciplinary Authorities ( DA ). They are appointed by the head of the organization in which they are posted. Their role is to impart punishment to the delinquent public servants.
  • Then Supervisory Officers at various levels in an organization.


Corruption weakens the democratic institutions and processes in a country and derails the developmental efforts. Therefore, we all as citizens should contribute towards curbing of corruption and promotion of an environment when the honest can work without fear in mind and corrupt are not spared easily.


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