With the advancement of technology, the theft has also upgraded to a different level. If one is not too careful, he or she might end up scammed through a credit card fraud. There are more tips to avoid getting duped. Never provide your information, especially your credit card number in websites that are not safe. So how do you know if the sites are safe? Check the address box and make sure that it has the “”https””. That is one sign that the site is secure. Cases of information theft have happened because internet criminals have created duplicate pages of real websites to steal information about the user’s credit card account. Moreover, don’t write you PIN on your credit card. Don’t put your pin card information in your wallet or anywhere that is near the card as well. This will protect you from allowing the theft to access your account once your wallet gets lost.

There is this ongoing modus operanda in town which involved credit card fraud. It involved card switching. The perpetrators place their people in strategic locations for them to gain access to credit cards of unsuspecting people. They make the switch. Then they take the card with them and load it in a machine that copies all the information on the credit card. The card owner will never suspect that there is already someone moving around town making purchases using his credit card. And he will only know about it when he is due to pay his bill. Then, he will be burdened with paying for purchases that he did not make. To deal with the matter the credit card owner may ask for the account to be terminated. Then, the owner can report the incident to the police and make that as a basis for a complaint to be made to the credit card company.

You can avoid being a victim of credit card fraud only if you practice common sense and remember some tips about credit card transactions. Keep all your credit card information. Destroy all your old credit card applications. The information here may get to the wrong hands and your name may be used to apply for other credit cards. Keep the receipts of your purchases and never leave them on tables or in your office lying around. Cover your credit card number whenever you may need to write it down. Other people are not supposed to see your credit card number otherwise, they may copy it or take a snapshot of it. Carry with you the credit cards that you will use. Do not bring it with you in your wallet if you have no intention to use it. Read and check your credit card bills. Make sure that all the items you will be paying for are purchased by you and that there are no extra charges. Inspect carefully and file securely for reference.

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