In the good old days when the Internet was still first shaping itself, stock market investing for the common everyday man was also taking shape. I had one company that I used for trading which is still around today and huge. I remember purchasing a stock that was an independently owned search engine. I held on to the stock for about a year before I decided to sell my shares in it. I didn’t make much money on the sale, in fact I made very little. I was astonished though when no more than one month later a huge children’s television network bought the channel and the stock raised so far in price that my blood pressure just about equally rose with it. That’s when I realized stock market investing has more to do with when to buy and sell than anything else. Learn as much as you can about stock market investing if you really want to invest.

It’s best to get a seasoned professional involved when stock investing, or you better know what you’re doing. When I first started trading stocks I had one experience that taught me quite a bit about taking risks. I saw this one company that was a penny stock. It was available for only cents per share and I thought it had a great opportunity of shooting up at least a couple of cents. I took nearly all my money out of some fairly secure stocks and put it into the penny stock. I watched the stocks for 2 months straight, day in and day out. It went down a few cents per share which equated a huge loss for me. I thought it was best to pull out, so I did. I looked at the stock about 1 month later just to see how much more it had gone down. I almost died because the stock had gone up nearly 20 cents per share.

A stock investment can be worth millions. If you purchase the right one of course and that’s exactly why some people make a living out of looking for those top stocks. There are different kind of stocks you can invest in. You have income stocks which are more long term stocks that pay good dividends. These tend to usually cost more per share though so it’s not as if you can buy two stocks then all of a sudden you’re living off of your investment. Dividends are paid per share, so you must have many shares to reap the benefits of large dividend stocks. Over-the-counter or speculative stocks are those which many people can make a good sum of money at. These are your cheaper stocks, but beware, this is also where you stand to lose the most money as well. If you buy 10,000 shares at 10 cents per share and the stock goes down 1 cent, you’ve just lost 10% of your money.

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