I have been using the peer to peer online lending “Lending Club” for almost a year now and here is my Lending Club Review. Before I started to be an investor in Lending Club, I was once a borrower. a few months ago, I was facing a very big financial problem because I got divorced from my wife and there were a lot of payments for my pension and other dues that I had to attend to. Luckily I was able to lend money from my online peers in Lending Club and I was able to pay my dues. I found the method of lending club to be effective and efficient that is why a few months later I became an investor. I have been investing certain amount of money to this website because I want to help people who are in need of money. This is because I have been in that situation and I know that it is hard.

The lendingclub.com is a good way of investing money. This is because the interest you earn can be a source of income and revenue. For people with bad credit and loans that are about to be closed in have a chance of paying up the bad debts by taking low interest loans from the peer to peer club and pay up with the money they take. This way one will be able to save huge amounts of money when you finance your debts with the low rates. As lendingclub.com is a large investment platform one can be assured that it will not collapse when one invests in it. One will be guaranteed of getting their money back and you now have a reliable source of financing. The club is solid and even companies are now investing in it due to its solidity in business. With money back guarantee, predictable incomes and reliable revenues.

Lendingclub.com is a set up where people with money come together to loan money to those who need the money. The club is based in San Francisco and has some of the lowest interest rates in the money lending business. This is a good way of getting money to finance investments and to cater for debts. Lendingclub.com matches people who have money with those who don’t have. Those with no money have to have a good credit score for one to get a good loan with a low interest rate. One gets an interest rate that is directly correspondent to their credit report of credit score. One can be able to take a loan from the peer to peer club to pay for other debts or credits. It’s a safe way of getting finances as you can be able to pay back the loan at friendly terms. On the lenders part the club is another excellent way of making money from the interest rates that one earns.

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