Are you in need of tax help because you were not able to file your tax returns on time? If you missed filing your tax returns the previous year, you can still file it this year. Yes, that is right. You might just be subjected to pay some late fees and charges. So what is the first thing that you need to do to file past year tax returns? First, you need to call IRS. If you don’t have their number, you can get it from their website under IRS resources, Forms and Publications. You should see “”past year 1040 form”” there. Next, you should gather every forms associated to filing your tax returns from previous years. You will also see the forms you need on that website. Once you have all the tax returns forms that you need, fill them out. These forms have instructions so you have to follow them to do them correctly. Then, once you are done with that, just simply mail the forms to the right IRS center.

Are you wondering if you need to file tax returns? Do you need tax help for this? If yes, then the answers to your questions is found in this article. First, you need to understand that not all people are mandated by the government to pay or file taxes. This is especially true if your gross income does not exceed certain limits. So if you have a job and your annual gross income falls below the government’s requirement, then you do not need to pay. On the other hand, if it exceeds, then you will be required to pay and file taxes. Now, if you are a dependent of someone, you might also not be required to pay taxes but this is dependent on you some conditions. So it is best if you can call the IRS to know more information about this. You may also visit your local tax clinic to help you determine whether you should pay taxes or not.

If you are looking for a government program that will help you with tax matters, then you should be finding a tax help center now. Every community has a tax help center where you can have someone to help you with the things with regards to tax. The tax help centers can be found in local libraries as well as community centers. It is really important that you get into every tax help center and ask questions that will give some light on the matters that you do not understand about tax – for instance, filing of income tax return. Whenever you have gathered the information that you need about tax, you can be sure that a tax help volunteer will accompany you all throughout the filing of income tax return. Moreover, you should also know that tax help volunteer will encourage you to file your own tax return so that next time you are going to file for income tax return; you will not need any help anymore.

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