Here are more tips on how to save money. Remember this: Quality over quantity. Always buy quality stuff. Don’t buy many items of low quality instead buy one good product. Or don’t buy one low quality product now and end up buying more later. If you do this, then you have spent double. For instance, there are two DVD player models. One is branded but quite expensive. But even though this item is expensive, the quality is very good in performance, function, and durability. On the other hand, the other DVD player is cheaper, about one-fourth of the price of the branded one, but the quality is not so good. This DVD player can only offer a few months to a year at best good performance before it gets broken. So it is better to buy one quality item that you can use for a long time than items that are cheap but won’t last long.

Having trouble with your budget? Here is an advice on how to save money. Do you notice that you often throw away food that is not eaten in a couple of days? Is your fridge full of expired food and rotten produce? Here is a tip on how you can save that hard earned cash. Budget your money for food expenses. It sounds so common and not worth mentioning. We rarely notice it but a lot of our money goes to food that we don’t really eat and go stale or rotten. For example, we buy a gallon of mayonnaise, but will we really use the whole gallon? And what is our time frame to consume that one gallon? A month or two? Buy in small quantities, then buy again when they are consumed. Also buy food that you will eat. Don’t buy tomatoes if it’s not in your recipe. Don’t buy food that you don’t like, in hopes that you will like them and eat them. Its all a waste of money. Buy only food that you will cook for your meal.

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